Before we start lets discuss what is a coffee vending machine. Here are facts about coffee vending machines. A coffee vending machine is a type of vending machine that dispenses hot coffee. Some of the machines, particularly older models, utilize powdered instant coffee mixed with hot water, and some of these offer condiments such as cream and sugar.Some newer models fresh-brew the coffee using hot water and ground coffee beans, and some also grind the coffee to order using coffee grinders installed in the machines, as well as providing various condiments. Some modern machines also provide other hot drinks such as tea, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and hot chocolate. Some of the machines dispense canned coffee, and some dispense both hot coffee and iced coffee. Public coffee vending machines typically require payment, functioning as coin-operated machines, and some also accept bills and credit cards. Some do not require payment; these are typically found at places of employment, whereby the company furnishes the beverage to employees free of charge. Machines that purvey hot and iced coffee are common in Japan, and many of them are placed in street locations.In Italy, some of the machines purvey up to 18 coffee varieties

Just a brief history of coffee vending machine. It was invented in 1947 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States by the company named Rudd-Melikian they named the machine Kwik Kafe, the machine would drop a paper cup through a funnel onto a platform and it will the cup with hot coffee. It only took only five seconds to prepare a one cup of coffee. The Kwik Kafe machines were placed in different U.S locations through franchising. A year later in a convention, Lloyd K Rudd, president of Rudd-Melikian announced that the Kwik Kafe machine sell 250,000 cups of coffee every day.

Some machines on the same year Kwik Kafe invented, used liquid coffee instead of instant coffee to easily mixed with hot water. Also, one machine charged a nickel in exchange of wooden spoon to mix the condiments. Year 1955, over 60,000 coffee vending machines existed in USA. Other than Rudd-Melikian Company, Manning & Lewis company, Knapway Devices and the Bert Mills Corporation also manufactured coffee vending machines.

Guranteed Daily Income

Barista choi gurantees your return of inventments in a matter of weeks. With our delicious premixed flavors packed with nutrients easily available in seconds, you’ll be filling your pockets in no time. Did you know that coffee is one of the most popular beverage in the world? That Coffee is the second most traded commodity also in the world. Here in the Philippines

According to the Daily inquirer Riza T. Olchondra

Demand for coffee is rising, mostly because of availability of a wide variety of instant coffee and instant coffee mixes,The total demand for coffee in the country has reached upwards of 100,000 metric tons green bean equivalent, up from just about 75,000 tons two years ago, according to the Philippine Coffee Board Inc. (PCBI). The group attributed this to instant coffee and related mixes becoming staple drinks of an “increasingly 24/7 workforce.”“But we project an increase in roast and ground coffee, too, of about 5 percent annually,” or about 5,000 tons..

The demand for coffee is being anticipated not just by us but the industry aswell. Join barista choi and get your income, daily. Source.

Here at Barista Choi, we love coffee and business so much we adjusted our prices for you to start your coffee vending machine business and share our profits. Having your own coffee vending machine business is just like saving up a week’s pay and we promise that you don’t even to pay in full. Avail of our “rent to own program”. For only 2,100 Php you get the coffee vending , 6 KILOS ASSORTED BARISTA CHOI POWDER AND 500PCS BARISTA CUPS or buy our Barista Choi Vending Machine – P12,000, Barista Choi paper cup- 0.65 each and Barista Choi Powder- P190/kg. Incredible isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Start your very own Barista Choi Vending Machine business today and start earning now!

Install it, leave it and clean it. That’s how easy earning is with barista choi. Unlike other business’s you don’t need to study or present a diploma, you don’t need to take a 7 day seminar including a final test and a 3 page essay. No need for industrial machines that you need a truck to take home and no need for a lot of workers giving you a big headache at the end of the day.

More importantly, we saved the best for last “YOU don’t have to wait and guard your business 24/7 then watch your life pass by just by doing so.

Relax and enjoy business with nothing but the best, Barista choi has your business covered from powder to cup.

About Us

Barista Choi is a company in the Philippines which was started in 2012. The owner, Mr. Joel Chua a Chinese-Filipino business man believes in three basic needs. Guidance, Free enterprise and the power of coffee early in the morning, lunch, evening and in dawn. Mr. Chua is not just a businessman but also a family man. He thinks that sharing valuable moment with his family and friends build up their bonds, especially when there is a cup of coffee around. With this in his heart and mind, Barista Choi came about. Barista Choi Coffee Vending Machine is a business that has low capital (minimum investment), very easy to operate, no franchise fees required, will guarantee your daily income and most of all loved by all of Juan for the common Juan.

That is why, we at Barista Choi carry the ideals of strong family ties, helping one another and most specially, affordable delicious coffee from coffee vendo machine/coffee vending machine while at it…

Barista Choi Vending Solutions Inc. is a growing company born in 2010. Among the products offered by the company are coffee vendo machine /s, coffee vending machine and powdered flavors like coffee, choco and caramel. Aiming to have more than 100 distributors nationwide, Joel Chua, the creative mind behind the mushrooming coffee vendo machine everywhere is positioning Barista Choi to its peak. Located in strategic points with dense population and belonging to the B to E market segment, the company is achieving its market recognition.

Barista Choi offers coffee vendo machine /s or coffee vending machine /s to target market such as bakeries, sari-sari stores, transport terminals, hospitals and more. The management expands through setting up of distribution centers. The distribution centers became Barista Choi's volume customers and they are the ones who deal with the resellers, agents and end consumers.

Our Product

We have coffee vendo machines that are priced economically. Machine buyers can enjoy the lifetime warranty that Barista Choi offers for as long as it is factory detect and not due to user's negligence. The three powedered flavors can be combined into one machine. Each bag of powdered flavor is equivalent to 1 kilogram which can produce 100 cups of hot coffee, caramel or choco drink.



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