About Us

Barista Choi is a company in the Philippines originated in 2012. The owner is Mr. Joel Chua a Chinese Fiipino business man who believes in three basic needs. free enterprise, guidance and the power of coffee in the morning, lunch, evening and dawn.  Mr chua is not just a businessman but a family man indeed. He believes that sharing precious moments with his family and friends strengthens their bonds, specially with a a cup of coffee to go around.  With this in mind and heart, barista choi came about.  A business that has minimum investment (low capotail), easy to operate, no frnachise fees, has a guaranteed daily income and most o all for the common juan and loved by all of juan.

That is why, here at Barista choi we carry the ideals of strong family ties, helping one another and  most specially, affordable delicious coffee from coffee vending machine/coffee vendo machine while at it… 



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