Before we discuss what is a coffee vending machine. Let me share first the facts about coffee vending machines. A coffee vending machine is a variety of vending machine that dispenses hot coffee perfect for any weather. Some of the machines, especially older versions, use of instant powdered coffee that blend with hot water, some of these machines offer sugar and cream. Some of the new models comes with coffee grinders so they can offer fresh brew coffee they also offer condiments. Nowadays more vending machines offer different types of drinks such as tea, hot chocolate. They also offer different types of coffee flavors like espresso, cappuccinos, mochas, lattes. They are also now offering canned coffee both hot and iced.

Coffee vending machines placed in public always function as coin-operated machines, some accepts bills or credit cards. Some vending machine which was placed inside the company doesn’t require payment, it supply beverage free of charge for employees.

In Italy they offer 18 coffee flavors in their coffee vending machine. Vending Machine that offer hot and cold coffee are very common in Japan, you can also see different types of vending machine wherever you go in Japan.



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