Computation of Profit


  • Selling price       if     Php 5.00


                                           Total cost per cup ----------- Php 3.00

                                          Gross profit per cup -------- Php 2.00

  • Estimated no. of cups sold per day                x100 cups

Gross profit per day                if           Php 200.00/day  

No. of days per month                         x30 days

            Gross profit per month                    Php 6,000.00/month


                Monthly gross profit depends on the no. of cups sold per day

Return of Investment

Total Initial Investment                            Php 12,780.00

Gross profit per month                              Php   6,000.00           

Estimated Return of Investment            2 to 3 months           : return of investments depends on the gross profit per month



350 ukg partnerCompressed 1

350 uh partnerCompressed 1