Here at Barista Choi, we really love coffee and also the business so we change our prices for you to be able to start your coffee vending machine business at a very affordable price and to also share our profits. Own a coffee vending machine business now its just like you are saving up a week’s pay and we promise that you don’t even need to pay in full. You can avail our “rent to own program”. For only 2,100 pesos you get the coffee vending machines with 6 kilos assorted barista choi powder and 500 pcs or you can also buy our Barista Choi vending machine for 12,000 pesos, Barista Choi paper cup – 0.65 centavos each and Barista Choi Powder for 190 pesos per kilogram. Incredible right? So, what are you waiting for? Begin your very own Barista Choi Vending Machine business today!



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